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More Taiwanese sound files! (p3)


do you have lots of homework?
i have a bit of homework?
have you gone to america?
i havent gone.
i have gone to america.
Ma Ying Jiu studied in America.
I haven't studied. (3)
I haven't studied. (1)
I haven't studied. (2)


could i ask a question? (請問)


how did you learn to speak english?
i watched a lot of foreign films.
how you you feel about him/her/it? (你覺得他怎麼樣?)
what's wrong with him/her/it? (他怎麼了?)


why do you want to study chinese?
because chinese is very important. (因為中文很重要)
because the culture is interesting. (因為文化很有趣)


where can i buy cheap clothes?
at the night market.
where is the night market?
the night market is near the university.
what time/hour?

when do you have free time?
on saturday i have free time.
what time do you start class?
what time do you get off work?


did you buy this?
no. someone gave it to me.
who gave it to you?
a friend gave it to me?


what did you do today?
what is this?
what is that?
what is that thing?
that is my box lunch.

Thanks to Teacher Alpha at the Akan Language School
for making this small collection possible!
and to freely available PRAAT for the pitch analysis.

(手語 ("sign language"))
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