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(手語 ("sign language"))

Learn Taiwanese phrases!

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Thanks to Teacher Alpha at the Akan Language School
for making this small collection possible!
and to freely available PRAAT for the pitch analysis.

i dont understand (聽不懂).
i dont know (我不知道).

you like to sing (你喜歡唱歌).
i like to dance (我喜歡跳舞).

i want to speak taiwanese (我要講台語).
i can't speak taiwanese (我不會講台語).

I don't like to study.(1)
I don't like to study.(2)

have you eaten (吃飽了嗎)?
ate (吃飽了).
i haven't eaten (我沒吃飯).

do you want to eat together? (你要一起吃飯嗎)
eat rice. (吃飯)
eat noodles. (吃麵)

smoke. (抽煙)
drink (alcohol). (喝酒)
drink soup. (喝湯)

oyster omelette.

good?(1: 好嗎)
good?(2: 好不好)
is the above praat analysis wrong?

right?(1: 對嗎)
right?(2: 對不對)
above wrong too!?!
notice here how the black smears clearly down
while the blue line doesn't!
perhaps take a look at the Yiru recordings
where there is a much clearer representation
of these high-falling initial sounds
becoming low-falling final sounds
as tone sandhi rules would suggest.
want? (要嗎) can? (會嗎)

today's weather is nice.
yesterday's weather was not nice
tomorrow, will it rain? (明天會下雨嗎)

where do you come from?
i am american.
where in taiwan are you from?
i am a native of tainan.
where do you live?


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