How can I embed Chinese in my TeXShop documents?
(re. Tex / LaTex on Mac OS X)

As of 2008, IGNORE all that old info about installing cyberbit!

(though kudos to Olivier Delloye
for having gotten that to work at one time,
as well as sharing the info somewhat concisely.)

Use XeLaTex! and \usepackage{fontspec}.
(choose to the right of the typeset button,
or in preferences/typesetting/"command listed below")

Then in the document: {\fontspec{STSong} your-chinese }
(or for extra convenience, make a lil abbreviation: \newcommand{\fss}{\fontspec{STSong}})

Here's a pdf made that way: fontspec.pdf
Here's the tex code for it: fontspec.txt
(copy and paste it, or change the suffix to .tex for convenient texshopping)
(actually beware the extra code required to get txts to show up on this site)

So then why are bold and italics (\emph{}) broken with \usepackage{fontspec}?

Select a font that has them!
(which oddly enough is looking like not many;
try maybe Helvetica Neue, or don't,
since it has that look that probably
inspired Donald Knuth to create LaTex.)

Alternatively just chose a font whose base form looks like italics.

same goes for traditional or simplified characters!
STfonts, i.e. STFangsong, STHeiti, STKaiti, STSong,
seem to include both.

How do I get line breaks for scripts without word spaces?

in your document (anywhere?), put
\XeTeXlinebreaklocale"ch" (i.e. Chinese)
\XeTeXlinebreaklocale"th" (i.e. Thai)
(seem to work equally well for Chinese)

And why can't I draw trees with the qtree package anymore?

Okay, and here's how we can draw trees,
with the qtree package: by changing the XeLaTex driver:
EDIT ~/Library/TeXShop/Engines/XeLaTex.engine:
comment out: # xelatex "$1"
and put in: xelatex -output-driver="xdvipdfmx -q -E" "$1"

Here's a pdf: fontspectree.pdf
Here's the tex code: fontspectree.txt
(again cut and paste or change the suffix)

(sadly, still can't get Emma Pease's awesome ling-macros to work,
given their PS reliance; any other packages out there to draw curvy arrows?)

Thanks to
for the initial tip.
(from their CJK section, IN THE GRAY BOX, NOT what comes below it.)

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